Hex Sensory Surface

Glorious design, glorious comfort. The surface to melt into or program to help you develop the perfect posture.

More than just a chair

Just a single Hex armchair comprises three million Hex Sensory Surface Poles (SSPs), which automatically mold to your body as you take a seat. With programmable stiffness and posture development presets, the Hex Electronic Surface can be the perfect upright, supportive office chair or laid back, comfortable lounge chair where you can sink in and drift off, all at the touch of a button.

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How does it work?

The Hex Sensory Surface uses complex Silk Corporation AI to understand, preempt and react to your movements. Once you've sunken a few centimeters into your Hex bed at night, there's no struggling to roll over, or sliding down, trapped in a valley of comfort. When you roll over the sensors in the SSPs detect your movement and react to them even before your body has touched them, meaning you remain wrapped and snuggled deep into your bed yet entirely free to move.

Adjust Hex to suit you

Been at work all day and need an amazing night's sleep? Turn up the softness and sink in to that cloud of comfort, almost floating in a sea of relaxation. Relaxing, reading a book or catching up with friends on your BlackBook? Set your Hex bed to a slightly stiffer setting. Not too stiff though, you are relaxing after all...

The Hex Sensory Surface truly gives you that floating feeling, instantly adapting to your movements, and with a choice of three unique synthetic fabrics which stretch and mold to the surface you can choose the exact feel that suits you.