The Earth is our home, and our only option for survival is to ensure that it remains habitable for our species. As pioneers in environmental technology Silk Corporation felt an obligation to correct the mistakes of the past, and took on the responsibility to cure the threatening environmental problems that had become so prevalent at the turn of the 21st century.

The first step

Long has science been part of politics, whether it be questions of funding, resources, or goals. The public eye casts a watchful eye on the space program and more, and government spending has to react to this scrutiny. Through the successes of Silk Coprotation's BlackBook and medical advancements, Silk Corporation were able to bypass this need for funding and shoot right to the core of what was to be achieved.

Solving the world's problems in one go

Identify the problems, create a solution to solve them all. That was the brief that was given to our engineers. The two key problems - rising CO2 levels from burning fossil fuels and pollution in our world's oceans - were tackled immediately. The solution? The Ocean-H project. What this project achieved was truly breathtaking, in that it would ultimately remove the human element from climate change by solving the energy crisis, while cleaning the oceans and allowing complete control over the composition of the Earth's atmosphere.

The Ocean-H project

24 hours a day, 7 days a week our collection of 16,450 gargantuan Ocean H Extractors turn slowly in the depths of our world's oceans, stategically placed in key currents across the globe to allow us to process almost 100% of the Earth's sea water.

The root cause of global warming is Carbon Dioxide, a gas that has long been prevalent in our atmosphere but which began to spiral out of control in the late 20th century and early 21st century. The oceans themselves absorb a lot of Carbon Dioxide, as does plant life across the globe, but it was not enough to stem the growing threat of the Greenhouse Effect. Thanks to the Ocean H project, the Oxygen extracted from a certain percentage of the sea water that we process is returned to the atmosphere, while the troublesome Carbon Dioxide is extracted from the water and housed for recyclying and repurpose. Furthermore, with this control we can now regulate the gaseous makeup of our atmosphere and keep it perfectly balanced to suit all living beings on Earth.

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Cleaning up public transport

Not only did the Silk Corporation Environmental efforts, with the Ocean-H project spearheading the whole campaign, provide clean fuel for the world's population, it also tackled the problem of clean public transportation. With Gyropod networks installed in virtually every major city across the globe, polution levels in urban areas have fallen, on average, from 62% to just 3%.

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